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How to generate more Revenue with your property with Professional Photography in Las Terrenas Airbnb

For people looking to maximize their profitability on Airbnb in Las Terrenas, Dominican Republic, it's important to understand the importance of professional photos on your host profile.

Professional photos of your property are the first point of contact with potential guests so much so that they are one of the top 3 reasons guests help you book¹, and are essential to making a good first impression. In an increasingly competitive market, it is essential to have high-quality images that highlight your property among other options in the area.

Also, professional photos can increase the booking rate of your property on Airbnb. According to an Airbnb study, hosts who hired a professional photographer to take photos of their property saw a 20% to 40% increase in their booking rate².

You will recover the investment quickly.

75% of hosts manage to cover the cost with what they earn in a single night, obviously depending on the cost per night of your property ².

It's also important to note that guests who book on Airbnb are often more demanding than guests who stay in traditional hotels. Therefore, professional photos can build greater confidence in potential guests by giving them a clearer and more accurate idea of what to expect from the property.

In Las Terrenas, Dominican Republic, it is especially important to have professional photos of your property due to the large number of lodging options available in the area. By showing your property in its best light, you will be able to stand out from the crowd and attract more guests.

In addition, Las Terrenas is known for its beautiful beaches and its impressive natural landscape. Professional photos can capture the beauty of the area and draw guests into the unique experience your property offers.

It should be noted that the construction of 3000 more apartments is coming between now and 2025 - 2026, where the new competition comes, it will be even stronger, which is not bad if you have a good presentation on Airbnb or other platforms.

We can point out the following advantages:

• Build trust

• Increase the reservation rate up to %20

• Stand out in the local market

In short, professional photos are an essential tool to maximize profitability on Airbnb in Las Terrenas, Dominican Republic. They can improve your property's booking rate, build greater trust with potential guests, and make your property stand out in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

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¹ 2018 global research on accommodation perception through visual representation.

² Figures are based on a 2021 analysis of professional photography service revenue, bookings, and cost return on a sample of 5,000 listings from around the world with professional photos taken between September 2020 and October 2021 These results were seen for ads that were continuously active on the platform for 8 weeks before and after professional photos were uploaded.

Source: Airbnb


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